Affiliation Hypnosis

Affiliation Hypnosis

When do our affiliations (political, religious, life-style, and so forth) get in the way of our capacity to see clearly?

Do your affiliations result in you to turn your back on these who do not see items the way you do?

This question has been up for me lately. I have noticed that as humans, we love to be affiliated with a group. Our affiliation typically causes us to stand for the group’s beliefs and suppress or ignore our own, private truths. There is a tendency to loose our clear vision in our want to be integrated in some thing beyond ourselves.

This occurs in relationships as nicely. 1 or each folks will give up their individuality to be a part of an “us”, later wondering “Exactly where did I go? Who am I? I do not know where I finish and you commence anymore.”

Robust affiliations are behind mob mentality, cult membership, terrorism, gang membership, and let’s face it, all religious and political groups desire to swing the beliefs of their members in a certain path. This is what I am suggesting you look out for in your personal life.

A handful of days ago I was obtaining lunch with a dear pal, and the topic of vegetarianism came up. I was a strict vegetarian (also vegan for a while) in the past and my buddy was asking advice as she and her husband are on a path toward vegetarianism. The reason they are on this new path is simply because of a class we are all in which strongly suggests vegetarianism to its members.

I think vegetarianism is excellent, and I recommend it to anybody who desires it. One thing I noticed, however, is that during the years I was vegetarian and vegan, I was closely affiliated with other vegetarians and vegans, and I had some judgments and unfavorable attitudes toward individuals who ate the animals.

This is the extremely cause individuals who are not vegetarian frequently keep away from consuming or discussing meals with vegetarians. They really feel judged.

The exact same is true for my religious background. I was raised Lutheran. (I have absolutely nothing against the Lutheran religion this is strictly a individual insight!) I noticed a need to prove that I was participating in the “correct” religion, and I would even debate about it with my Catholic boyfriend in high school!

Sometimes this wish to be appropriate is so subtle that it is undetectable till we take out a microscope and genuinely do some soul searching. (We appear to be in a position to see this significantly far more clearly in other folks than in ourselves, do not you believe?)

These days I received a forward from a female pal who is a wise and beautiful particular person. The e-mail contained derogatory jokes about Hillary Clinton, all told by men, creating damaging remarks about Hillary as a possible presidential candidate. Now politically I have not spent my time supporting Hillary, but I was really struck by these degrading comments. This is my response to the negativity toward Hillary:

We are at a time in history exactly where girls are finally in a position to participate in politics and have jobs that were “unthinkable” for ladies in the near previous. It wasn’t extended ago that females have been not permitted to vote!

Regardless of your individual feelings about Hillary or your political preference, I consider it is important to appear at the bigger image and notice we may have a Lady operating for president. How a lot of girls have achieved what she has in such an exclusively man’s world (politics)?

Yes, this is a blatant women’s lib speech, and I feel we need to have to help the ladies in our culture who are paving the way for our daughters and sons to have truly equal rights.

Pick your affiliations carefully stand for what your heart tells you is accurate, and notice where you are judging men and women primarily based on their religious, political, lifestyle, and relationship alternatives. I could quote a bible verse here but I will spare you!

Waxela Sananda (pronounced wa-shay-la) has been on a quest for transformation for 15 years. Waxela is a wellness consultant and power healer, at the moment functioning toward a masters degree in holistic nutrition. Her interests and studies contain religion, metaphysics, energy balancing, shamanism, aromatherapy, Reiki, custom made jewelry, and she has a degree in visual studies style from Iowa State University. Waxela has been a retail business owner for 16 years, she presently resides in Austin Texas where she owns a web based business “SpiritMama”.

Waxela is a clothes and jewelry designer. All of her styles focus on enhancing the spiritual energy of those who put on them. Her conscious clothing made of spun bamboo and organic cotton can be seen at Jewelry and Feng Shui designs in bamboo by Waxela and Lisa Coltman can be located at (coming quickly)

Waxela Sananda

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