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Is Weight Control Hypnosis Effective?

Is Weight Control Hypnosis Effective?

Since losing weight is largely a mental process that can fail or succeed based on the contents of your thoughts and your overall attitude, it makes sense that weight control hypnosis would work wonders. So, is this a valuable tool for those trying to shed excess weight, or is it yet another gimmick in the dieting market?

Hypnosis is definitely not a gimmick. You will not be programmed to eat particular foods or do certain exercises while going through the process. While most gimmicks that are sold today are aimed at specific eating patterns or ideals, hypnosis is simply a way to get your mind focused on the goals you want to accomplish.

Losing weight is largely a mental process. If you do not have the right attitude or go into it with the wrong mental focus, you are very unlikely to actually follow through to the end and meet your goals. Hypnosis is a way to clear your mind of the doubt and negativity and really focus on why you want to reach your goals and what you must do to really get there.

For people who really take the process seriously and go into each hypnosis session with an open mind, this is a very effective weight loss tool. It will not take the weight off for you, but it will give a huge helping hand to getting your mind in the right place.

Those who find that hypnosis doesn’t work are often those who have doubts to begin with and do not really commit to the process. If you can let go of those doubts for your first session and really go deeply into the hypnosis without restraint you will likely have a great experience.

Weight control hypnosis is best done by a professional who is skilled at how to direct you through the process correctly, but there are ways to learn to do this for yourself.

Find out more about how weight control hypnosis can help you and book your Cheltenham weight loss appointment now!

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What Can Hypnosis Do?

What Can Hypnosis Do?

Everyone has heard about hypnosis. It is used by people all over the world for a lot of different purposes. You have probably heard about how it works in a number of ways to help people with specific problems that they may be having. It is used to help people remember important events that they can not seem to remember otherwise. It can also help a person get over things like smoking, weight problems and even to have a better outlook on things.

There are a lot of people who are skeptical about hypnosis, and wonder if it really works or if it is a hoax. There are people that attend shows on hypnosis and watch as members of the audience are put under hypnosis and do silly things. Is that for real or is it all part of a show? Professionals who practice hypnosis say that not only is it real, it is also a very effective tool to use in a lot of ways. Hypnotherapy is a term that is used to describe how hypnosis is used to help people deal with all kinds of problems ranging from psychological to physical.

Hypnosis allows people to be in a different state of awareness and opens up pathways to the mind where we repress and store all kinds of thoughts, memories and feelings. Hypnosis is a state of intense focus. Does hypnosis work for everyone? If you are a person who can control your own focus and wish to experience the wonders that hypnosis has to offer, then your chances of success are very high. There are a lot of people who claim that in one way or another, hypnosis has helped them to deal with all kinds of problems that they were having. Giving people suggestive ideas when they are in a state of openness and awareness is said to allow them to fully absorb what is being suggested to it.

Hypnosis is often used in treatment of psychological problems when other methods fail. It is used to help people remember important times and events from their past that they need to open up about to deal with. When a person is put under hypnosis, they are unable to cover things up and hide things that they may usually try to avoid if not in that state. This said however, a person will not divulge secrets unless they are comfortable to do so.

There are times when people require repeated sessions of hypnosis in order to really reach deep into the underlying problems. Some people tend to put up walls and barriers that take a while to break down and reach. If you have been trying to improve something in your life, or fix a problem, you may want to consider seeing if hypnosis is the right choice and could help with whatever problems you have. Visit http://www.hypnosis.com.au/ for more information.

If you are in search of Hypnosis and want to improve your mental health, then visit http://www.hypnosis.com.au

Do You Have Hypnosis Anxiety?

Do You Have Hypnosis Anxiety?

As you may be aware, some people are easier to hypnotize than others. Typically, trust plays a key role in enabling one person to control the actions of another. At the same time, hypnosis anxiety can easily prevent you from obtaining the benefits most commonly associated with this form of therapy. For example, you may not be able to hypnotize yourself, or you may even have a hard time finding a hypnotist that can help you tap into your unconscious mind.

Consider a situation where you need to stop smoking. If you have hypnosis anxiety, you will most likely have to work very hard in order to get rid of your addiction. At the same time, you will be battling with your unconscious mind, instead of putting it to work on your behalf. Why go on living with an internal battlefield, when you can take the steps necessary to work with hypnosis? Once you are able to get rid of your anxiety, you will be amazed at the number of things you can do with hypnosis in order to improve your life. This includes forming new, healthy habits, as well as getting rid of old and destructive ones.

Today, hypnosis anxiety is robbing millions of people of an opportunity to gain relief from all kinds of problems. Fortunately, if you have this problem, you can get for it. Among other things, you can look for tapes and other materials developed by professionals that have successfully hypnotized thousands of patients. In most cases, if you can find someone that you trust, you will soon be able to hypnotize yourself. Even if this process takes a bit of extra time, you will find that it will increase the quality of your life in many ways. At the very least, once you are able to make use of hypnosis, you will have the confidence to deal with almost any situation that enters your life.

Jan Jameson writes for popular blog GetYourHypnosisInfoOnline.Com. He is an expert on hypnosis and his articles provide stacks of information on the subject, including hypnosis anxiety. You’ll be amazed at how mind control can change your life dramatically — learn more when you check out the site today!

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The Power of Underground Hypnosis

The Power of Underground Hypnosis

Taking charge of your life has never been easier. It has taken much too long for the secrets of the power of conversational hypnosis to reach the masses but, this day has finally arrived. Conversational hypnosis is rooted in the philosophical methods of Milton Erickson renowned for his indirect approach to hypnotism.

It is this element of covertness that transforms the traditional art of hypnosis into something that you can use anytime, anywhere on anyone. Imagine the possibilities with this technique by your side. The power of conversational hypnosis does not require anything extraneous, only you and your mind. Easily slip in and out of conversations and gain that edge when opportunity presents itself to you.

A few months back, a friend of mine found himself unhappy at his current job. He had been working at this company since graduating from college but, never really flourished in his role and responsibilities. He and I often pondered what determines someone getting a promotion. It’s the way you present yourself, I told him. Perplexed, he continued to listen on. The key to success was nothing more than learning how to gain the advantage in everyday conversation.

That is the key to gaining the upper hand when looking to promote yourself or your situation in life. His life has changed dramatically since learning the art of conversational hypnosis and yours can too. Don’t resign yourself to a normal life when you know you have all this potential just waiting to be tapped into. Now, he’s one of these average Joe types that didn’t believe in things like hypnosis and other self improvement techniques. So, as expected, when I mentioned hypnosis as a way to improve his life he seemed perplexed and resistant. Eventually, I convinced him that he had nothing to lose except the right to tell me that I was wrong and I could live with that.

So, today, he invites me to meet up dinner and tells me about the promotion he recently got at work. We met up at some fancy restaurant and he told me that he had gotten the promotion that he had been wanting since he started at his company. The dinner was a thank you of sorts for introducing him to the power of conversational hypnosis.

It has changed his life tremendously and he can now share his fortune with his friends and family. The power of conversational hypnosis should never be confused with true mind control. Mind control is theoretically not possible since you are simply indirectly suggesting or influencing the person being hypnotized. If it compromises with their core values, for instance, it would be more difficult to make the suggestion work in your favor. This is not to say that it is not possible but, just more challenging.

With time and dedication, the skill and power of conversational hypnosis will transform the very life you lead to one with endless possibility. Proven effective and very real, the power of conversational hypnosis can be used in a responsible manner that can benefit you and others around you. However, there are a few out there who feel that this power gives them the right to take advantage of unsuspecting persons. This is not the intended use of conversational hypnosis and is simply not recommended.

To Learn more about Hypnosis and the power of conversational hypnosis click here http://hypnosistosis.com/power-conversational-hypnosis/

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Is Deeper Hypnosis More Effective?

Is Deeper Hypnosis More Effective?

It seems like common sense. The more profoundly someone is in hypnosis, the more suggestible they will be. And, the more suggestible someone is, the more effective the suggestions will be.

However, as with so many things in life, common sense does not apply to hypnosis. Research has shown that a hypnotized person is no more suggestible than someone in a normal waking state. What hypnosis does actually, is make the person more sensitive and responsive to subtle communication cues, like facial expression and tone of voice. That is why master hypnotist and Neuro Linguistic Programming founder, Richard Bandler, emphasizes to his students that for words to have the greatest impact, they must sound like what they mean. For example, if we say the word “excitement” in a flat tone of voice, it will be much less effective in eliciting excitement in listeners than if it said with an excited tone of voice.

As for trance depth, again, common sense is off the mark. Research has shown that a person can accept and act on a suggestion whether he or she is in hypnosis, or not. Advertising is a good example of that. And, effective therapeutic hypnosis can be done with someone in a very light trance state.

On the other hand, individuals in any depth of trance can reject suggestions that do not suit them. Paradoxically, someone in a very deep hypnotic state tends to be generally unresponsive to suggestions. The deepest trances are, however, very useful for anesthesia. The person in a deepest trance will be aware of what is happening, and will be feeling very good, even if they are undergoing surgery. They will feel no pain, and because they are so focused on the good feelings of the trance, they will be unlikely to pay any mind to any suggestions.

So, what is going on when someone responds to a hypnotic suggestion to stop bleeding or eliminate a habit? Remember that someone in hypnosis is more responsive to subtle communication cues. One quality of hypnosis is that it causes the person to be very focused on the words and nonverbal communications of the hypnotist, so a properly formulated suggestion can be accepted and acted upon more readily. A properly formulated suggestion is one meets the personality needs and (sometimes) bypasses the belief systems of the person.

For example, one of my clients who was not showing up at work only went back after I discovered that that he believed that he needed to be there to protect his employees from the other supervisors. Just the threat of being fired was unmotivating. Just hypnotizing him and commanding that he show up at work regularly would have been ineffective. However, the feeling he got from protecting “his people” made work meaningful to him in a way that no simple”Go back to work!” ever could, no matter how deeply hypnotized he might have been. I knew that already, of course, because he had already been unsuccessfully commanding himself to back to work for days.

Wesley Anderson, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy has been in practice in Atlanta since 1988. He is certified as a trainer in hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming, (NLP). For more information about hypnosis, NLP, and hypnotherapy now, go to


To Use Conversational Hypnosis

To Use Conversational Hypnosis

Do you have a fear of leading a conversation? Do you ever walk into a room full of people and have nothing to say to anyone? To use Conversational hypnosis you don’t need to be the best looking person in the room, or the smartest. To do conversational hypnosis is a way to learn to have more confidence and a relaxed feeling in order to help you meet new people and even get them not only interested in your ideas, but to actually get them to agree with you.

Everyone has great ideas, not all their ideas are great ideas, but if you talk to just about anyone they are actually very interesting people and have a lot to share. And that shy person in the corner, (you), are not going to be able to live your life to the fullest and enjoy much, much more of it then you ever dreamed of if you don’t start getting your feet wet.

There is nothing more fun than sharing your thoughts, ideas and experiences with others and if your not allowing that to happen, you will slowly find yourself in a state of sadness that is much harder to get out of then it is to get into.

So what is this power, and you do you teach yourself to do it? Well, do you know how some men can actually get you to fall in love with them, even though they are not always the nicest guy? Did you ever have a friend that everyone just adores and looks up to you and you just can’t put your finger on why everyone thinks they are just so cool? Well, they know how to use conversational hypnosis, and are using it. It’s the power of influence and you can learn to do it also. It’s called conversational hypnosis and it’s not illegal yet, but of course you have to worry that it may fall in the hands of the wrong person and they will use it do bad things. I can only hope you are not that person and you are simply trying to better yourself.

In these crazy times with so much to fight for, this is something great for your self esteem, something to better yourself and something that will only get better the more you use it.

For more information on conversational hypnosis, or to do to conversational hypnosis check out my blog at http://universegetwhatyouwant.blogspot.com/

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Can Hypnosis Do Anything

Can Hypnosis Do Anything

We seem to be intrigued about hypnosis and the power of hypnosis.

What is it? What can it do?

And this question – can it so anything?

And even that question can be seen as meaning different things
to those who ask it.

To some people “anything” may mean nothing and to others it may mean everything. I guess it depends on you. The meaning of the question and the answer you’re looking for, listening for.

Hypnosis isn’t a thing, it isn’t something you can hold or touch, is it? If you were to ask me there are a couple of answers that come to mind.

Hypnosis, that is the process of hypnosis, can create wonderful changes in ourselves and others and usually, in my experience, far greater than we could ever imagine. I’ll talk about that in a minute.

The second thing that comes to mind is that we are consciously unaware of the power of our unconscious mind and it’s with hypnosis that this, our, infinite potential can be realised and experienced.

So can hypnosis do anything/everything? I believe we can, (yes I meant we) and here’s the thing, that is the difference that makes the difference, intention and meaning – “what?” I’ll explain.

Intention- I’m referring to the intention of the hypnotist. If a hypnotist believes (I mean really believes) that change can and will occur then with that belief their intention will create the change. The client’s unconscious mind will tune in to this and providing the positive intention of the issue/dis-ease is honoured change will happen.

And then there’s ….

Meaning- Does the change have meaning to the person being hypnotised?

Do they really want it for themselves? If they got it now would ‘juice’ them? And even if they can’t at the moment imagine having the change (some people can’t because they have had the problem so long) if they dared to think how it would be having changed would it be something they want?

If the change is not something the client wants to have happen or is something that someone else wants for that person then why change?

So you may be thinking from all of this that hypnosis doesn’t do anything and it’s all to do with the hypnotist and the client and in part you’re right. To me these are the important ingredients for the process of hypnosis to create any change we desire.

To my mind, it really comes down to the fact that change and learning is made at unconscious level, whether it be emotional, behavioural or physical (healing) and the process of hypnosis works at the unconscious level. With the right ingredients I believe hypnosis can do anything and everything and that you have the infinite potential to have what you want or desire, to be or have it’s as simple as that. I hope this gives you thought, a feeling that you want to explore, resonates something inside or that you can see an opportunity to consider that anything is possible when you enlist the help of your very best friend, the friend that is always with (night and day), that only wants the best for you – that’s right – your unconscious mind.

Paul Clough is a trainer of NLP and Hypnosis, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy with his yougest son Joseph Clough A practicing therapist and coach http://www.cambridgehypnotherapy.co.uk ~ Someone who talks the talk AND walks the walk. Before becoming a personal coach and trainer Paul has held directorships in businesses since he was 29 and has a vast amount of experience of how life really is in the business world. This together with his passion for assisting people to reach their potential and his special skills form a unique foundation for success.

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An Introduction to Hypnosis

An Introduction to Hypnosis

Hypnosis is state of mind in which the actions and the emotions of an individual are controlled through a procedure of activities known as Hypnosis stimulation. The stimulation factor can vary from person to person and from one theory to another theory. Hypnosis depends on the mental state of the person it is being oriented to and also on the person who is producing this stimulus.

Hypnosis has long been a subject of discussion and rival theories. Some of the researchers have claimed that hypnosis is a type of fake medicine given to a patient as a potent one. In some case, just by the anticipation of the inert pill’s effect, positive changes have been observed in the patients. These researchers believe that hypnosis is an advanced form of this effect. On the other hand there are theories about hypnosis being involved with conscious or unconscious mind of the person.

Several people have believed over the centuries that it is the unconscious mind which we can connect through hypnosis. Recent studies into the mechanics of the hypnosis have shown that the conscious part of the brain is the most connected one during this mental state. However the debate on this is on going for the last two decades.

Hypnosis has been defined into several phases as well. The studies reveal that over the passage of years, several scientists have given their account of their intensity driven categories of Hypnosis. Most of the times, these categories are based on the physiological trend, state of mind and the physical condition of the subject. Moreover it is also based on the tools employed for stimulating the process of hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been treated more like a mystic process over the last many years. But medical research has proven its benefits as it is these days involved in therapies of Trauma hit patients as well. Whether one calls it magic or medicine, if its objective remains positive, it is a beneficial thing and its practice should be continued.

Caroline Bourke is a full time therapist in Florida. Check out these great sites about How To Learn Hypnotism and also Learn How To Hypnotize free tips and guides.

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Using Hypnosis For Sleep

Using Hypnosis For Sleep

I first started using hypnosis for sleep around two years ago after suffering with insomnia for almost 15 years. It has helped cure my insomnia and I would recommend using hypnosis for sleep problems such as insomnia to anyone else out their who finds it almost impossible to get a full nights sleep.

Learning to Use hypnosis for sleep is much easier than one would imagine, it is simply a matter of learning your body and mind to relax completely. putting yourself in a deep relaxation enables communication with the subconscious mind to become possible, once this stage is reached you can then feed suggestions to remove the mental blockages that are preventing you from sleeping. This can be done with both self hypnosis or through the use of a hypnosis for sleep recording that you listen to in bed.

There are many websites dedicated to the use of hypnosis for sleep, many of which will give you a step by step routine to follow if you wish to try achieving it by yourself or offering downloadable recordings if you would rather follow the instructions of a qualified hypnotherapist. The following is a basic run down of such a routine for hypnosis for sleep:

Make the bedroom as dark and quiet as possible.
Also put on loose pajamas’ or even get naked if circumstances permit.
Lay on your back making yourself as comfortable as possible.
Taking deep breathes, starting at the toes and moving up your body relax each part.
when the whole body is completely relaxed it is then you can use certain commands that will help promote sleep to the subconscious.
You usually then drop off sound to sleep or easily fall asleep shortly after the session as ended.

This is the basics behind all programs that use hypnosis for sleep, but obviously each part having a lot more detail to it. Such as the step that involves relaxing each part of the body, you would imagine a bright light starting at your toes and slowly letting your whole body be absorbed by it totally relaxing you and quieting the mind. I would say it is a lot easier when been guided through the process by an hypnotist although it is possible to get the hang of doing it yourself quite quickly (usually one-two weeks).

So for anyone reading this suffering from insomnia and considering using self hypnosis for sleep I would suggest to find the best step by step guide recommended by others who have done it themselves or consider investing in an hypnosis for sleep recording if you’d prefer guided hypnosis.

There are lots of sites around the Internet offering information on hypnosis for sleep, my recommendations are: cure insomnia with hypnosis
cure insomnia naturally with hypnosis

Cure Panic Attacks With Hypnosis

Cure Panic Attacks With Hypnosis

Fears, anxieties and emotions all originate from our subconscious that is why hypnosis can help victims alleviate panic attacks and its symptoms. A lot of ways has been tried in treating panic attacks and hypnosis is one of the most effective ones because hypnosis is about tapping the subconscious mind to do positive things. Panic attacks can shatter a person’s own life and well being if not cured completely. It maybe akin to a heart attack which freezes the arms and lips of a person or it may affect your breathing to the point of near suffocation.

People who suffer a panic attack break out in irrepressible sweat and think that they have literally died. Those who experienced panic attacks may run to a hospital for help only to be told that there are no ailments that causes such intense sensations. The attacks seem spontaneous and uncalled for and the sufferer is terrified that the attack may occur while they are in public, while in transit or in other bothersome positions. The victims always become withdrawn thereby losing crucial relationships and friends. Normally, victims cannot lead normal existence and end up incapacitated and incapable of sustaining an employment.

How does hypnosis deal with panic attacks and its symptoms?

Involuntary activities are all controlled by our subconscious such as our heartbeat and respiration. What is ideal about it is that the subconscious mind can be reeducated to clear up both fearful reactions and panic-stimulating circumstances. There is a better possibility that the individual can utilize his intellect to ultimately liberate himself from panic attacks totally.

A therapist will generally undertake numerous approaches to working with victims of panic attacks. The person may be trained physical and psychological relaxation procedures, self-hypnosis, mental pictures, and directed metaphors to use when a person sense panic attack forthcoming. The sufferer may be educated how to decipher awareness and emotions so that the initial phases of the attack do not intensify and become full-scale.

Profound, concentrated breathing procedures may be instructed by the hypnotherapist. Breathing procedures are an ordinary way to facilitate panic attacks. Concentrated breathing helps divert a person from the fear of the attack but it has a dominant involuntary outcome. We always believe that when we inhale the process is mechanical but when we come to think about it we have the power to change the rate and profundity when we breathe.

Through this a message is sent to the brain influencing it to control the attack. Profound breathing can help change the outcome of superficial, fast, terrified breathing. Hypnosis methods may concentrate on encouraging the brain that it is sound to let go of the terror and apprehension. Occasionally, a little amount of emotional reprieve can by given to the panic attack sufferer by telling him that his panic attack signs are not “silly,” “ridiculous,” or “illogical.

Once the individual recognizes the predicament at a more profound level that individual may eventually feel that he is not crazy. This is one little pace in the flight back towards emotional well-being. It should be emphasized that it may take multiple hypnosis sessions for the panic attack sufferer to feel some relief. After awhile, that person will start to be more in charge and constraint to end a panic attack and its related signs before they turn overpowering and/or unbearable. Eventually, that person might be able to totally eradicate panic attacks.

Ryan Tyler is a long time hypnotherapy enthusiast. He owns and maintains Hypnosis4BetterHealth, a resource site for more hypnosis for health tips. Join his free hypnosis for health mini-course. Don’t Delay.

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