I cannot relax so will hypnotherapy work?
You don't necessarily have to be physically relaxed. One of the benefits of hypnosis is that you do relax physically and learn to become more relaxed in other areas.
We will do some exercises in your first session for you to experience what it feels like to be calm.

Will I benefit from hypnosis?

Most people do if they wish to.
If you are willing to, you will achieve the best results.

Will I remember everything that happened?

That is up to you. You can choose to listen, or you can choose to let go like you are daydreaming. The treatment will be effective either way.

Is hypnotherapy dangerous?

No one has ever died from hypnosis.
When you are running, or daydreaming, you enter a state of trance.
Focusing on a task is the ultimate entry into the trance state.
With hypnotherapy I support you to focus.

Can I hear what you say or suggesting?

You may decide to follow my suggestions, or you can choose to let your mind wander.

Will I do things against my will or share deep secrets, or act foolishly?

You are totally in control.
In public appearances, you might have seen stage hypnosis.
These acts rely on the power of group pressure, and participants' tendency to show their (hidden) exhibitionist side.

What if I can't focus?

It is OK if your mind wanders.
The only thing you do, is to lie down or sit back, and close your eyes whenever you are ready.

[With thanks to Holistic Healing College.]